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Math 220 - Applied Differential Equations
Fall 2018
TR 1:00 - 2:15. SNOW 120

Terry Soo, Snow 507
Office hours: Tuesday 4:15 - 5:15, Wednesday 2:30 - 3:30

Course description.
Linear ordinary differential equations, Laplace transforms, systems of equations, and applications.
Differential equations are used to model many physical phenomenon. We will introduce classical techniques for solving differential equations; in addition, we will also very briefly touch upon the use of modern computational software in solving differential equations.

MATH 122 or MATH 142, or MATH 126 or MATH 146 with grade of C- or higher; previous or concurrent enrollment in MATH 290 or MATH 291 recommended. Not open to students with credit in MATH 320.  


Introduction to differential equations
Octave and direction fields and numerical methods
First order differential equations
Second order differential equations
Laplace Transforms
Systems of first order differential equations

Subject to revision

Best of:

Scheme 1
Quizzes 25% 
Midterm I 10% (September 25)

Midterm II 20% (November 1)

Octave assignments 5%
Final Exam 40%

KU final exam schedule

Scheme 2

Final Exam 100%

There are no possibilities for make-up quizzes or midterms; if you have a legitimate excuse for missing an exam (for example, medical reasons), then the absense will be excused without penalty; in the case of quizzes, your other quizzes will simply be worth more, and in the case of a midterm, your final exam will be worth more.

Textbook: Boyce and DiPrima (any edition). 


Download Octave

You may also be interesting in trying Matlab (the code should be mostly be compatible):
KU provides access to Matlab

Various versions of Octave are also available to run online:
Octave online

Quizzes can cover material from grade 1 up to and including the previous day.
Quiz 1, Thursday September 6
Quiz 2, Thursday September 13
Quiz 3, Thursday September 20
Quiz 4, Tuesday October 9
Quiz 5, Thursday October 18
Quiz 6, Thursday October 25
Quiz 7, Tuesday November 20
Quiz 8, Tuesday December 4

Recommended Exercises

Octave homework is to be printed out and handed in class--no email submissions.
Octave HW: Due Thursday September 6
Octave HW: Due Thursday October 18



Introduction to Octave

Integrating factors

Separable differential equations

Exact differential equations

Word problems

Class workshop

Autonomous differential equations

First order theory and practice

Complex numbers

Characteristic equation for second order linear differential equations

Some theory for second order linear differential equations

The non-homoegenous case

Laplace transform I

Laplace transform II

Workshop II