Math 558:  Introduction to modern algebra
Fall 2017
TR 2:30-3:45 SNOW 302

Terry Soo, Snow 610
Office hours: Tuesdays 4-5. Wednesdays 2.30-3.50.

Course description
This course serves as a basic introduction to abstract algebra--groups, rings, and fields.   We will also give a brief introduction to writing mathematical proofs.  Proof are an important part of this course.  Highlights of the course may include: the fundamental theorems of arithmetic and algebra, the RSA encryption method, counting the number of different ways to color the faces of a cube with a fixed number of colors, the classical angle trisection problem, and John Stillwell's recent proof of Abel's theorem. If you ever wondered why you never learned a formula like the quadratic formula for higher degree polynomials, I think you will enjoy this course.

Linear algebra.  Math 290 or Math 291.  This course can be one of the more difficult undergraduate courses.  Experience with proofs is an asset. 

Subject to revision

Homework:   20%
Midterm 1:    20% Septemeber 14. M1-with solutions
Midterm 2:    20% November 2. M2-with solutions
Final Examination: 40% December 13. 1.30-4PM. Official Registrar Final exam schedule

Textbook and lecture notes.
No textbook is required.  I will post lecture notes online.

Suitable references are:

Introduction to applied algebraic systems.  Reilly
Undergraduate algebra.  Lang
Groups and symmetry. Armstrong
A concrete introduction to higher algebra.  Childs
A course in Galois theory.  Garling
Number theory.  Andrews

Papers, you may need to be at KU to access these.

The original RSA paper
Korner's proof of the fundamenetal theorem of algebra
John Stillwell's proof of Abel's theorem
Sets, relations, and functions
Introduction to proofs
Number theory basics
Gcd computations
Modular Arithmetic
Chinese remainder theorem
Euler's totient function
Complex numbers
Fundamental theorem of algebra

HW1: Due Tuesday September 5 HW1sol
HW2: Due Tuesday September 12 HW2sol
HW3: Due Thursday September 28
HW4: Due Thursday October 5 HW4sol
HW5: Due Thursday October 12 HW5sol
HW6: Due Thursday October 26 HW6sol
HW7: Not for submisson.
HW8: Due Tuesday December 5 HW8sol

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